Unwavering Devotion and Exceptional Advocacy

Posted in . Monday, Feb 22nd, 2016
“As a therapist, I have always believed that everyone sits on both sides of the help-desk at some point. Yet when illness struck and I needed help, my family found that supportive services and Long-Term Disability benefits are inaccessible by design. So despite the backing of my workplace and medical team, the LTD insurance company twice denied my claim.
Mike Gertner truly believes that the law is a means to achieve justice. Not only did he take on my LTD case with fervor, but also worked tirelessly to circumvent obstructionist practices. Each time we faced a new roadblock, Mike became more committed, more dedicated, and more persistent. He was communicative throughout, and his careful direction helped my family feel a sense of self-efficacy in a time of vulnerability. Ultimately, it was Mike’s unwavering devotion to principled action alongside his incomparable legal aptitude that reversed the insurance decision and put me on a road to recovery.
A strong moral compass and stalwart commitment to social justice is very rare in our society, so as a family we are enduringly thankful for Mike, his team, and their exceptional advocacy on our behalf.”