Extremely Fortunate

Posted in . Sunday, May 24th, 2015

“I am sitting here still trying to take it in that the Judge has given me an award…and that it was even on the day of my hearing! Every time I think about it, a wave of relief comes over me and I can hardly believe it is true. I remember how dejected I felt after getting my initial unfavorable decision. I felt like giving up, but when I was frightened, you reassured me. Knowing that you were not going to give up on my case gave me hope that was like a life-line for me in the difficult year that followed. I know that you had to have written an excellent appeal on my behalf for the case to be remanded back to a new Administrative Law Judge. I hoped and prayed that this new judge would see the reality of my situation and award me the benefits that I so badly needed. I know that hope and prayer both helped, but that this result would not have been possible without your caring dedication and expertise. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have had your legal representation at such a bleak time in my life. Thank you so much.”