Unwavering Devotion and Exceptional Advocacy

“As a therapist, I have always believed that everyone sits on both sides of the help-desk at some point. Yet when illness struck and I needed help, my family found that supportive services and Long-Term Disability benefits are inaccessible by design. So despite the backing of my workplace and medical team, the LTD insurance company […] Read More

Better Than I Would Have Thought Possible

“Mike Gertner did better than I would have thought possible. He has changed my view on lawyers in general (for the better, of course). He is very communicative, and extremely hardworking. His attention to detail can be astounding at times.”   Read More

Extremely Fortunate

“I am sitting here still trying to take it in that the Judge has given me an award…and that it was even on the day of my hearing! Every time I think about it, a wave of relief comes over me and I can hardly believe it is true. I remember how dejected I felt […] Read More

Compassionate and Professional

“Mr. Gertner provided not only exceptional services, but he and his staff are a very compassionate and professional group of people. I would highly recommend him for a job done thoroughly and well.”   Read More

Excellent Lawyer

“Mr. Gertner is an excellent lawyer. He is attentive to every detail of your case and is very good at explaining every step of the legal process so that there are no procedural surprises when you are before the judge. When discussing your case in private he tells it like it is, he does not […] Read More