Determining Eligibility for SSDI Benefits For Individuals in Columbus

Many who have had their applications for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) denied wonder where they went wrong. At the Law Office of Mike Gertner, we help individuals in Columbus and throughout Central Ohio understand SSDI eligibility. We offer the insight and experience needed to appeal SSDI claims, seeking justice for deserving individuals who have been wrongfully denied benefits.

What Does The Social Security Administration Look For?

Attorney Mike Gertner can help you identify any gaps in the evidence needed to prove your SSDI eligibility, such as:

  1. Your work history: First, you must have sufficient quarters of coverage to be eligible for SSDI. This typically means you have worked at least five out of the last 10 years (20 out of 40 quarters). If you do not meet this work history requirement, you may be eligible for Supplemental Security Income (SSI).
  2. Evidence of a severe medical impairment: Secondly, you must have a severe physical or mental impairment that is supported by sufficient, relevant and objective medical documentation. If you do not include this documentation, your application will be denied.
  3. Whether your disability qualifies: Your condition should also meet one of the specified medical listings that the Social Security Administration (SSA) has pre-determined as disabling conditions. If your condition does not meet one of these listings, then the issue is whether you can perform any past relevant work or any other type of work.
  4. Your past relevant work: If your condition does not meet the SSA’s definition of disability, then the issue is whether your medical impairment restricts you from performing any past relevant work you have done. If you are unable to perform any past relevant work, then the process proceeds to step 5.
  5. Other types of work you could do: If you cannot perform any of your past relevant work, then the SSA will determine if you can perform any type of work based upon your age, education, work experience and impairment. If it finds that you are unable to find any gainful employment within the national economy, then you meet the definition of “disabled” (there are exceptions if you are 50 years or older).

Because no two cases are exactly the same, the issues missed in one application will differ significantly from those in another. That is why Mike personally works with each client from start to finish. To get started on your case, contact us at 614-463-9393 or 877-772-1011 toll free for a free initial consultation with a skilled Social Security Disability lawyer.