Contesting Wills, Trusts And Other Estate Mismanagement With An Experienced Columbus Will Attorney

Dealing with the aftermath of a family death is hard enough without adding in the question of whether an estate is being administered properly. However, if you believe wrongdoing has occurred, you have the right to make a claim. The Law Office of Mike Gertner in Columbus can help.

As an example of one of our many successful cases, we made a recovery for the best friend of the decedent in a case where the ex-husband improperly changed the decedent’s will by crossing out the best friend’s name and writing in his own (Hockman v. Estate of Dorothy Hockman, Pickaway County Probate Case No. 071042).

With a reputation as a skilled trial lawyer, Mike has the ability to take your case as far as necessary to seek justice. He helps people throughout Central Ohio with a variety of challenging situations, including:

  • Will disputes: Many situations can lead to a will contest, from one person having undue influence over the decedent before he or she died to challenging the validity of the will itself.
  • Trust contests: We help clients challenge issues like mismanagement of trust assets, breach of fiduciary duty and other negligence on the part of the trustee.
  • Challenging guardianships: Typically, guardianships are challenged either by the person alleged to be “incapable” of managing his or her own affairs, or by other interested parties who feel a guardianship is unnecessary or presumptuous. Someone could also challenge the terms of a guardianship, since an appointed guardian could be in charge of the care and management of a person (the ward), the ward’s estate, or both.
  • Conservatorship contests: In Ohio, physically disabled but mentally capable adults may set up conservatorships to appoint a person (the conservator) to help them manage their personal care, their finances, or both of these things. Therefore, conservatorship contests typically involve issues of mismanagement or a failure of the conservator to properly perform his or her duties.

Most estate claims will include one of these elements, though there are situations where all aspects of an estate could be in question. Attorney Mike Gertner will take care to understand the particular nature of your case before providing any advice or developing a strategy for achieving your goals.

Act Quickly To Protect Your Rights

There are very short time limits on when you can challenge a will or other estate process. Therefore, if you find yourself in the midst of an inheritance dispute, contact us right away.