Combating Breach Of Fiduciary Duty With A Probate Litigation Lawyer in Columbus

If you believe you have been cheated out of your inheritance because of the mismanagement or negligent actions of the trustee or executor, you may file a claim for breach of fiduciary duty.

At the Law Office of Mike Gertner, we have helped many beneficiaries successfully challenge the wrongful acts of personal representatives such as trustees, administrators, guardians and executors. As a former federal prosecutor and skilled trial lawyer, Mike Gertner brings decades of experience to assisting individuals with all types of estate and probate litigation.

In 2010, we won a case involving a $600,000 estate wherein the beneficiary was deprived of assets from the estate, because when the ward died, the conservator moved the conservatorship to another county in the erroneous belief that no one would notice (Elliott v. Thompson, U.S. District Court of Appeals, 5th Circuit, Case No. 37313). Learn more about our track record of success in probate and estate litigation.

Holding Representatives Accountable For Estate Fraud And Other Negligence In Ohio

Mike seeks justice for those who have been deprived — whether intentionally or not — of their inheritance or assets they believed were coming to them. Personal representatives have several “fiduciary” duties when it comes to administering an estate or managing a trust or guardianship, such as:

  • The duty to control and preserve the assets/property held in trust
  • The duty to act in the interests of the beneficiary (trusts, guardianships) or heirs and creditors (wills)
  • The duty to keep clear and accurate accounts
  • The duty to give full disclosure of activities to the court

As a skilled trial attorney, Mike has the experience to take your case as far as necessary to see justice done. Contact us.