Our Columbus Long Term Disability Attorneys Can Help With Your Long Term Disability Denial

When an individual’s long-term disability claim has been denied, it is easy for them to give up hope and to feel as if they are out of options. However, we urge you to not become discouraged. Most insurance companies tend to deny initial long-term disability claims, oftentimes without merit. The long-term disability lawyers at the Law Office of Mike Gertner have helped many individuals successfully appeal their insurance company’s decision. If your long-term disability claim was denied, do not lose hope. Instead, call the aggressive legal team at our Columbus law firm to learn more about how we can help you reverse the insurance provider’s decision.

Ohio Trial Lawyer with 40+ Years Experience in Achieving Reverse Decisions

Working with an experienced long-term disability attorney from the very beginning of the claims process achieves a far greater outcome than hiring a lawyer only once you have already been denied. A LTD lawyer understands exactly what evidence is needed to put your case in the best possible light, and can guide you on what medical opinions and evidence to solicit from your doctors and other experts. They also can help you properly fill out the paperwork the first time around and avoid the common errors that typically raise a red flag with insurance providers. Additionally, working with an attorney often shows insurance companies that you are serious about your claim, making them less likely to give you the runaround.

If you have already begun the process on your own and been denied, a LTD attorney will request a copy of your long-term disability policy, a summary of the plan’s description, and your denial letter. We will carefully review these documents, paying special attention to the provider’s reason for denying your claim. Sometimes, a denial is obviously against your plan’s policy, and therefore easy to fight; other times, medical opinions and expert testimonies will be required to prove how and why your particular disability falls in line with a disability listed on your plan’s policy. An experienced Ohio long-term disability lawyer knows exactly how to stack the evidence in your favor, and thereby exhaust the insurance provider’s internal appeals process.

Finally, a long-term disability attorney can ensure that all of the required documents are filed on time, all the necessary evidence is handed over, and that you do not miss a single deadline. Oftentimes claimants will sink their own case simply by failing to provide the requested information in a timely fashion. We understand that it may be difficult to keep up with every little piece of paperwork the insurance company sends your way, especially while you are focused on your own medical needs, which is why our attorneys handle all of that on your behalf.

Consult with an Experienced Ohio Long-Term Disability Lawyer

At the Law Office of Mike Gertner, we have helped countless clients appeal their insurance company’s denial, and now we want to help you. An initial denial is no reason to lose hope and to give up on your claim. Our long-term disability lawyers treat a denial as a request for more evidence and information regarding your case and nothing more. If you have been denied your long-term disability, reach out to our Columbus law firm.