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- Derell Lavar Washington

Unwavering Devotion and Exceptional Advocacy

“As a therapist, I have always believed that everyone sits on both sides of the help-desk at some point. Yet when illness struck and I needed help, my family found that supportive services and Long-Term Disability benefits are inaccessible by design. So despite the backing of my workplace and medical team, the LTD insurance company twice denied my claim.

Mike Gertner truly believes that the law is a means to achieve justice. Not only did he take on my LTD case with fervor, but also worked tirelessly to circumvent obstructionist practices. Each time we faced a new roadblock, Mike became more committed, more dedicated, and more persistent. He was communicative throughout, and his careful direction helped my family feel a sense of self-efficacy in a time of vulnerability. Ultimately, it was Mike’s unwavering devotion to principled action alongside his incomparable legal aptitude that reversed the insurance decision and put me on a road to recovery.

A strong moral compass and stalwart commitment to social justice is very rare in our society, so as a family we are enduringly thankful for Mike, his team, and their exceptional advocacy on our behalf. “

- Ingrid

Better Than I Thought Possible

“Mike Gertner is nothing short of a hero. He provided me with specific advice, promptly responded to all messages I left with him, and really took initiative with my case. Specifically, he asked the right questions of me, and kept strong legal pressure throughout my time working with him. I would recommend him to anyone. His attention to detail, respect for the facts, and desire to see justice is unparalleled.”

- Michael

I Would Recommend Him To Anyone And Eveyone

“Mike is smart, clever & resourceful. He kept me informed of facts, updates & gave me options. I never could have won my lawsuit without him & his team of lawyers. He is well-connected & on top of things. I cannot say enough about how much I appreciate his strength, knowledge & positive attitude. He is tenacious. He knows the law backwards & forwards. Thanks to Mike for winning my case & helping me get through a tough time in my life. After going through a long, legal battle I think of Mike as a friend as well as my attorney.”

- Jodie

He is My Hero

“A few years ago I was at the lowest point in my life. I could barely function. Despite medical evidence of my disability, I was denied benefits. That is when I went to Mr. Gertner for help. He gave me words of encouragement, and told me to continue to document ongoing medical treatment. He told me not to give up, and that he would continue to fight for me for as long as it took. I was impressed by the amount of experience that Mr. Gertner had.

The first disability judge to hear my case was very unfair. He discarded information from my doctor, and Mr. Gertner discovered other errors in this judge’s decision. Mr. Gertner wrote a careful and convincing argument to the appeals council, and got me another hearing before a different judge! When Mr. Gertner presented all the information (he had spent months of work on my case), the new judge made a bench decision right then and there that she was making a favorable decision on my claim! Mr. Gertner never gave up on me or on my case. He was reassuring and told me that he would keep working for me, and he did. He was my lifeline throughout this difficult ordeal. His legal assistant Sheri was wonderful too. She was friendly, competent, and kind and never seemed to tire of my frequent questions and calls. As a result of Mr. Gertner’s efforts I feel like I can finally breathe again. It really is like you are holding your breath while you wait for help that you desperately need to live. I would highly recommend this experienced, caring, and hardworking attorney.”

- Christine

Communicative And Extremely Hardworking

“Mike Gertner did better than I would have thought possible. He has changed my view on lawyers in general (for the better, of course). He is very communicative, and extremely hardworking. His attention to detail can be astounding at times.”

- Mike

Excellent Lawyer

“Mr. Gertner is an excellent lawyer. He is attentive to every detail of your case and is very good at explaining every step of the legal process so that there are no procedural surprises when you are before the judge. When discussing your case in private he tells it like it is, he does not sugar coat anything, or promise something that he knows he cannot deliver. I felt totally confident putting my disability case in his hands, and I would happily recommend the services of Mr.Gertner to anyone.”

- Client of Mike Gertner

Extremely Fortunate

“I am sitting here still trying to take it in that the Judge has given me an award…and that it was even on the day of my hearing! Every time I think about it, a wave of relief comes over me and I can hardly believe it is true. I remember how dejected I felt after getting my initial unfavorable decision. I felt like giving up, but when I was frightened, you reassured me. Knowing that you were not going to give up on my case gave me hope that was like a life-line for me in the difficult year that followed. I know that you had to have written an excellent appeal on my behalf for the case to be remanded back to a new Administrative Law Judge. I hoped and prayed that this new judge would see the reality of my situation and award me the benefits that I so badly needed. I know that hope and prayer both helped, but that this result would not have been possible without your caring dedication and expertise. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have had your legal representation at such a bleak time in my life. Thank you so much.”

- Client of Mike Gertner

Compassionate and Professional

“Mr. Gertner provided not only exceptional services, but he and his staff are a very compassionate and professional group of people. I would highly recommend him for a job done thoroughly and well.”

- Client of Mike Gertner

Attentive & Conscientious

“Attorney Gertner was conscientious in his efforts to explain various aspects of the Social Security Disability appeal process with particular respect to my situation. He listened to my concerns and answered all my questions about the appeal process. I believe he represented me very well.”

- Client of Mike Gertner