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Whether your company offers long-term disability insurance, or whether you purchased a policy on your own, the very fact that you are insured should be enough to receive disability benefits for long-term injuries that interfere with your ability to work and go about your normal daily routine. Unfortunately, because insurance companies only make money when their customers remain strong and healthy – and because they lose money when a customer is severely injured – many insurance carriers will work hard to reduce a person’s benefits, or even to deny a claim altogether. And because so many individuals are too focused on recovery and financial issues, the insurance companies get away with such inconsiderate treatment.

If you suffer from a long-term disability, and if your insurance company has either tried to reduce the amount of benefits you filed for, or if they have denied your claim altogether, contact the Springfield long-term disability attorney at the Law Office of Mike Gertner. We can help you appeal the insurance company’s denial or negotiate a more fair settlement so that you may focus on recovery, and not on financial concerns.

Proving Your Disability

The most difficult aspect of filing a long-term disability claim is proving that you are, in fact, disabled, and that your disability negatively affects your ability to work and to live a comfortable life. This requires a great deal of medical evidence and testimonies from medical professionals. Furthermore, you must prove that your particular disability meets your insurance policy’s definition of a long-term disability.

If you have not done so already, hold off on filing your LTD claim until you have consulted with a Springfield, OH long-term disability lawyer. We can help you review your insurance policy and pinpoint precisely what qualifies for a long-term disability. Generally speaking, most insurance companies consider a person to be “totally disabled” if they are unable to perform the duties of their occupation due to an illness or injury, and a person to be “partially disability” if they can no longer work full-time at their current occupation—even if they are able to perform full-time work at another job.

Whether you file for total disability or partial disability, you must no longer be on your employer’s payroll before filing. Otherwise, the insurance companies will not take you seriously when you say that you are unable to work because of your injury or illness.

Medical Records Are Key in Long-Term Disability Claims Cases

The most important aspect of any long-term disability case is a person’s medical records. If you claim to suffer from a long-term disability, but you do not have sufficient medical records or doctor’s testimonies to back up your claims, your insurance company is going to assume that you are trying to scam the system. Not only will your claim be denied, but you may face serious legal repercussions as well.

To avoid any additional headache when filing your long-term disability claim, make sure that your doctor – and any other specialists who have been treating you – has been keeping adequate records regarding your condition, your response to treatment, and their prognosis of your condition. Additionally, make sure they keep any proof of your condition, such as x-rays, lab results, MRIs, and surgical reports.

Finally, to prove that your condition is ongoing, you must continue to receive treatment while your claim is pending. It is also beneficial to continue receiving treatment even after you are approved for benefits, as the failure to do so may be grounds for the insurance company to cut off your benefits entirely.

Consult with a Springfield Long-Term Disability Attorney

Unfortunately, we live in a world in which individuals scam the system all the time just to make a quick buck. This leaves individuals like you, who are truly injured and disabled, fighting for benefits that they are – by any means – entitled to. At the Law Office of Mike Gertner, our Springfield long-term disability lawyer can help you collect proof of your disability and present it to your insurance company so that you are not only approved, but so that you receive the benefits you need to recover in a comfortable and financially sound manner. To speak with a long-term disability lawyer regarding your case, contact our Springfield disability law firm at 614-463-9393 today.