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Probate disputes can create serious problems between close friends and family members. They can also lead to situations in which you improperly lose out on your inheritance. You should not go through this type of dispute on your own. If you are involved in a probate issue, it is imperative that you seek legal representation. To speak with a qualified nearby probate attorney today, please contact the Law Office of Mike Gertner.

How Does Probate Work in Ohio?

Probate is the legal process that takes place in accordance with state law. Following a death, a probate court will ensure that the decedent’s assets are properly transferred to the appropriate parties. In Ohio, this process involves:

  • Proving that a will is valid;
  • Identifying all assets owned by the deceased;
  • Appraising the value property;
  • Paying off debts and taxes; and
  • Distributing the remaining assets in accordance with the wishes of the deceased.

When Should You Hire a Probate Attorney?

There are many different ways in which a probate attorney may be able to help you. For example, if you are the executor of a complex will, an attorney can help to ensure that the process is handled effectively. Further, a probate attorney is a must during a dispute. More specifically, if you were denied any portion of your inheritance, you need to hire an experienced probate attorney right away. You may need to seek litigation to protect your rights and interests. Indeed, there are many different types of cases that lead to probate litigation, including:

  • Breach of a fiduciary duty;
  • Fraud or forgery;
  • The existence of a second will;
  • Duress or mental incapacity; and
  • Unlawful terms or provisions within the document.

Our Probate Team Gets Results

Our firm has a documented record of achieving successful results in probate litigation cases. We have helped many people who have been wrongfully deprived of their fair share of a loved one’s estate. A small sample of the probate results we have obtained includes:

  • A six figure settlement for an individual who was not distributed his rightful share of the inheritance after his mother’s passing;
  • A successful settlement for an individual who was denied assets after a will was improperly altered; and
  • A six figure payout for a widow who was cheated out of her deceased husband’s life insurance benefits.

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