Have A Zanesville Probate Attorney On Your Side

Dealing with the loss of a close friend of family member is heartbreaking. During this time you will no doubt have a lot on your plate, including dealing with their estate. Unfortunately, intense disputes sometimes arise during this part of the process. It is imperative that your rights and interests are always properly protected. If you are involved in a dispute over a friend or family member’s estate, you need to reach out to the best Columbus probate attorney today.

How Probate Works in Columbus

Under the Ohio Revised Code, probate is the process by which a deceased person’s estate is settled. During probate, a decedent’s:

  • Assets will be identified, inventoried and appraised;
  • Debts and taxes will be paid off;
  • Last wishes will be confirmed as valid and accurate; and
  • Property will be distributed to their beneficiaries.

Our Probate Legal Services

Our firm offers a full array of probate services to clients throughout the state of Ohio. For example, we can help will executors administer a will to ensure that process goes smoothly and efficiently. Additionally, our firm fights aggressively to ensure that our clients always recover their fair share of the inheritance. We have helped protect our clients’ inheritance rights in a wide variety of different circumstances, including:

Probate Results in Central Ohio

Mike Gertner has a documented record of successful results in probate litigation cases. A brief sample of Mr. Gertner’s success in Ohio probate proceedings includes:

  • A six figure recovery for a man who was wrongfully denied his share of the inheritance by his brother;
  • A $200,000 verdict for a widow who was cheated out of her late husband’s life insurance proceeds after the policy was illegitimately changed just one week before his death;
  • A significant recovery for the best friend of a decedent, who was cheated out of inheritance after decedent’s will was improperly altered by her ex-husband; and
  • Full recovery for our client who had been denied the fair value of two promissory notes in a complex family business partnership case.

Contact an Experienced Probate Litigation Attorney Today

Probate disputes can be extremely complex. If you have been denied your fair share of a loved one’s inheritance, you need aggressive legal representation. The experienced Columbus probate attorneys at the Law Office of Mike Gertner can help. Please do not hesitate to contact our team today to set up a your free, no obligation, initial legal consultation.