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When a person passes away, their friends and family members must deal with their remaining assets. Ideally, distributing those assets will not present any problems. However, unfortunately, all too often problems do arise. Indeed, in many cases, fierce disputes occur over exactly how a decedent’s assets are supposed to be distributed. Your loved one’s true last wishes must be upheld. If you are being deprived of your inheritance, we can help. At the Law Office of Mike Gertner, we fight hard to ensure that our clients’ inheritance rights are always protected.

Understanding Probate

Individuals have the legal right to pass on their assets to whomever they choose. Under Ohio law, probate is the process that ensures that this actually takes place. During probate, the decedent’s assets, liabilities and last wishes must be identified and confirmed as accurate. Once this is done, their assets will then be distributed to the appropriate parties.

Protect Your Inheritance Rights

Of course, probate is very complicated. To put it bluntly, sometimes things simply go wrong. There is an ever present risk that you may lose out on your fair share of your loved one’s estate because of a mistake or because of the intentional bad acts of another party. The simple fact is, you need to protect your inheritance rights. Disputes can arise in many different ways, including:

Our Firm Has a Proven Track Record of Success

Probate litigation can be extremely complex. If you are involved in a dispute, you need a probate attorney by your side who has the skills and experience needed to help you recover your share of the inheritance. At the Law Office of Mike Gertner, our probate case results speak for themselves:

  • We helped a man obtain a six figure settlement after he was denied his fair share of his mother’s estate by his own brother;
  • We helped a client obtain her fair share of her late father’s assets that had been wrongfully denied by his business partners; and
  • We protected our client’s inheritance after improper changes were made to a will after it had been signed.

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