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Disputes over the property and assets left behind when a loved one passes and accusations over the way their estate was handled can cause serious rifts in relationships between family members, friends, and caregivers. At a time like this, you need an experienced probate attorney to protect your legal rights while assisting you in obtaining the inheritance that is rightfully yours.   

At the Law Office of Mike Gertner, we provide the professional legal representation you need in dealing with all types of probate disputes that can arise. With over 40 years’ experience serving clients in the Ohio area, you can trust our Lancaster probate attorney to defend your interests while helping to ensure that your loved one’s final wishes are honored.  

Representing Those Deprived of Assets in Lancaster

Under the Ohio Revised Code, the probate court oversees the administration of property and assets left behind by an individual who has passed, known as the decedent. Through the probate process, the court works to ensure claims against the estate are settled, tax debts are paid, and any property that is left over is passed to its rightful owners. Disputes often over both the intent of the decedent in leaving portions of their estates to certain individuals, as well as over concerns regarding the validity of the person’s estate planning documents. At the Law Office of Mike Gertner, we represent the interests of those involved in these types of disputes, providing the aggressive legal representation you need in the following types of matters:

Results Oriented Probate Litigation

For Lancaster residents, probate proceedings are handled in the Fairfield County Probate Court. This court handles matters of the decedent which affect their survivors, authorizing administrators of the estate and resolving any disputes that may arise. At the Law Office of Mike Gertner, our Lancaster probate attorney represents clients involved in these disputes, using a personalized, results oriented approach to obtain the best possible outcome is reach. The following is sample of some of the successful outcomes we have been able to obtain:

  • A six figure settlement for a probate trust dispute involving two brothers, in which one brother failed to distribute to the other his rightful share of assets after their mother passed;
  • Another six figure settlement for a widow who was wrongfully deprived of life insurance benefits from her late husband;
  • Settlement of a dispute involving a business partnership, in which our client was being deprived of her late father’s share of assets from a previous business venture;
  • Settlement of a claim involving improper changes to a will by another party after it had already been signed by the decedent.

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When you are involved in probate disputes that could threaten your rights to an inheritance, get the professional legal representation you need and contact the Law Office of Mike Gertner today. Our Lancaster probate attorney works aggressively on your behalf, helping to ensure your interests are protected while providing you with kind of caring, comprehensive client service you deserve. For a personalized review of your particular case, call or contact our office online.