Delaware Long-Term Disability Lawyer with Over 40 Years of Experience

Whether you have been disabled suddenly or as the result of a long-term health condition, a long-term disability can have many negative affects on your life. From lost work and income, to the inability to enjoy the things that you love, a long-term disability can pose several financial and physical obstacles, potentially for the rest of your life. To compensate for their potential losses, many individuals choose to invest in long-term disability insurance. If the need ever arises, that insurance is supposed to cover 50 to 60 percent of your lost income and any additional unpaid benefits.

Unfortunately, even after investing in long-term disability insurance, many individuals are denied their disability claims. Insurance companies are ruthless, and many do not treat their customers well. At the Law Office of Mike Gertner, our Delaware, OH long-term disability attorneys ensure that our clients are treated well by their insurance companies, by aggressively advocating on their behalf for what is rightfully owed to them by the insurance companies: their long-term disability benefits.         

Why Work With a Delaware Long-Term Disability Lawyer

Many individuals, when they begin the long-term disability claims process, find the process to be too complex and convoluted to pursue properly. They either give up before they can complete the process, or make a mistake somewhere along the line, resulting in a denied claim. A Delaware long-term disability lawyer knows the ins and outs of the disability claims process, and can do everything – from filing the initial claim to pursuing a lawsuit if necessary – on your behalf. All you have to do is rest and focus on getting back into good health.

Additionally, a long-term disability lawyer can help you avoid the common mistakes of a DIY disability claim. Those include:

  • Quitting work as soon as you file for disability benefits. Unfortunately, because many insurance plans are employee sponsored, when an individual quits before their insurance claim is processed, they effectively cancel their insurance policy and thereby lose out on any benefits they may have received.
  • Finding other means of income in a less-demanding position. Many people make a concerted effort to create an additional source of income to compensate for the one they lost, but working – especially when your case is still open – could harm your chances of winning a long-term disability claim. At the very least, it could result in less disability compensation.
  • Making key mistakes on the application for benefits. Insurance companies oftentimes design their application questions to elicit answers that could form the basis for denial. Because of this, it is best to avoid submitting an application at all until you have reviewed it with your lawyer.

Hire a Delaware Long-Term Disability Attorney

At the Law Office of Mike Gertner, our Delaware, OH long-term disability lawyers have over 40 years of experience in helping individuals receive the benefits they deserve when they find themselves disabled and unable to work. Many disabled individuals attempt to navigate the insurance claims process on their own, but doing so can actually be very detrimental to their chances of receiving full benefits. If you want to file a successful long-term disability claim, our Delaware long-term disability attorneys can help. To speak with a long-term disability lawyer regarding your case, contact our Delaware disability law firm at 614-463-9393 today.