Probate Litigation

Spotting Caregiver Misconduct After the Death of a Loved One

Unfortunately, there are people in this world that see the vulnerability of an elderly person as an opportunity. Financial exploitation occurs far too often in our society, and – even worse – it’s common for the misconduct to take place at the hands of a person that you trust to care for the victim. Loved […] Read More

Should I be Suspicious About Joint and Pay-on-Death Accounts in Probate?

Most people are generally aware of how wills work under Ohio law: A person appoints an executor to administer assets upon death, and designates certain beneficiaries to receive real and personal property included in the estate. If someone dies without a will, estate assets are distributed to heirs according to the state laws of intestacy. […] Read More

Last Minute Beneficiary Changes on Life Insurance Policies

The scenario is unfortunately rather common: A person has many discussions loved ones before his or her death, informing these individuals about the details of a will, estate planning documents, bank accounts, and other assets. Then, when that person passes away, loved ones find out that there have been changes at the last minute, such […] Read More

Grounds to Contest a Will in Ohio

It’s hard enough to lose a loved one, but finding out that the person’s will includes some questionable bequests to certain individuals can be devastating. Without the deceased around to address your concerns, you may wonder if you have any legal options regarding the situation. Fortunately, Ohio law does allow you to dispute a will […] Read More

Ohio Probate Administration: Fiduciary Duties Explained

The death of a loved one is an incredibly traumatic experience. Beyond dealing with the emotional distress, there are also often complex legal issues that must be addressed. Unfortunately, in some cases, serious estate mismanagement by an executor or administrator results in heirs losing out on part or all of their inheritance. If you have […] Read More