Life Insurance

Last Minute Beneficiary Changes on Life Insurance Policies

The scenario is unfortunately rather common: A person has many discussions loved ones before his or her death, informing these individuals about the details of a will, estate planning documents, bank accounts, and other assets. Then, when that person passes away, loved ones find out that there have been changes at the last minute, such […] Read More

Life Insurance Fraud

When a person gets a life insurance policy, they expect that it will be there for their family when they need it.  Unfortunately, as with other types of insurance, life insurance fraud is a serious problem in America today.  The fact that life insurance fraud, by its nature, can go undetected for decades, and in many […] Read More

An Attorney Can Help Resolve your Health Insurance Claims Dispute

The costs of medical care and treatment have skyrocketed in recent years. A serious injury or an unexpected illness can easily result in medical expenses that rise well into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. For this reason, the vast majority of Americans carry some form of health insurance, whether as a public benefit, a […] Read More

Contesting a Life Insurance Beneficiary in Ohio

After a person passes on, there are a variety of different things that need to get done to wind down their affairs. Many of these things happen through the probate process, a process by which a person’s estate is managed in conjunction with the court system. However, there are some things that need to be […] Read More