Breach of Fiduciary

Spotting Caregiver Misconduct After the Death of a Loved One

Unfortunately, there are people in this world that see the vulnerability of an elderly person as an opportunity. Financial exploitation occurs far too often in our society, and – even worse – it’s common for the misconduct to take place at the hands of a person that you trust to care for the victim. Loved […] Read More

Should I be Suspicious About Joint and Pay-on-Death Accounts in Probate?

Most people are generally aware of how wills work under Ohio law: A person appoints an executor to administer assets upon death, and designates certain beneficiaries to receive real and personal property included in the estate. If someone dies without a will, estate assets are distributed to heirs according to the state laws of intestacy. […] Read More

What is the Difference Between an Administrator and an Executor in Probate?

In Ohio probate cases, administrators and executors have fairly similar responsibilities. That being said, there is also a key difference as well. Here we briefly discuss the key difference between the position and we also explain some things you should know when choosing an executor for your estate. The Primary Difference: Appointment An Executor is […] Read More

Resolving Breaches by a Trustee

While many people’s estate plans can be created with nothing more than a will, more complex plans may require the introduction of a trust. Trusts are legal instruments that involve three separate roles: settlor, trustee, and beneficiary. The settlor is the person who creates the trust, and they do so by providing some set of […] Read More