Applying For Disability

Posted in Long Term Disability, Social Security Disability on Tuesday, Jul 12th, 2016

The process involved in applying for Social Security Disability benefits is typically fairly involved and time consuming, and one where retaining a Social Security Disability attorney can greatly benefit an applicant.  Throughout the process there are a variety of different areas where the knowledge and experience of an attorney can prevent missteps or speed along […] Read More

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Social Security’s Budgeting Crisis

Posted in Social Security Disability on Tuesday, Jul 05th, 2016

The Social Security program will turn 80 years old this year, and as that milestone approaches there is a financing crisis facing the program.  When Social Security was originally proposed by Franklin Roosevelt in 1935 one of the main caveats was that it would be a self-funding program separate from the United States’ budget, and […] Read More

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The Probate Process

Posted in Probate on Tuesday, Jun 28th, 2016

While there are various things that a person can do with the assistance of an estate planner to simplify and expedite the probate process, it can’t be entirely eliminated.  Likewise eventually most people will have a friend or family member pass away at some point and be involved in their probate process.  So what exactly […] Read More

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Common Issues With Wills

Posted in Wills & Estates on Friday, Jun 24th, 2016

People don’t like thinking about needing a will, trust, or other estate planning mechanisms, but they are a very necessary part of life.  Having your will in order is an enormous gift to your family in their time of grief, and also assures that your wishes will be carried out correctly. Probate law is a […] Read More

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How can an Ohio Probate Attorney Help People Involved in Probate?

Posted in Probate on Tuesday, Apr 19th, 2016

Interestingly, one of the main functions of a probate attorney is helping people avoid having their assets go through the probate process entirely. Doing so has many benefits, not least of which include saving both time and money for your family members and other beneficiaries after you pass away. This is not helpful for people […] Read More

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