Understanding “Own Occupation” In Long-Term Disability Policy

Posted in ERISA, Long Term Disability on Tuesday, Dec 27th, 2016

In every long-term disability insurance policy, there is a clause that specifically defines what a disability is according to each individual provider. For some providers, a long-term disability is defined as a disability that hinders a person’s ability to perform any occupation, which means that an individual will only receive long-term disability benefits if they […] Read More

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Three Ways You Can Mess Up Your Long-Term Disability Claim Appeal

Posted in Long Term Disability on Tuesday, Dec 20th, 2016

We often tell people that if they are denied their long-term disability claim to appeal the decision. Denial of an initial claim is not all that uncommon—in fact, most claims are denied upon the initial application. However, being denied once is normal; being denied twice can mean the death of your case entirely. Because of […] Read More

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Can I Contest an Ohio Will?

Posted in Wills & Estates on Tuesday, Sep 06th, 2016

One of the major requirements for making a will in Ohio is to be of “sound mind and memory.” When close family members or friends are left out of a will, this requirement is often questioned. However, being of sound mind and memory, according to rules for making a will, does not mean what most […] Read More

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Life Insurance Fraud

Posted in Life Insurance on Tuesday, Aug 23rd, 2016

When a person gets a life insurance policy, they expect that it will be there for their family when they need it.  Unfortunately, as with other types of insurance, life insurance fraud is a serious problem in America today.  The fact that life insurance fraud, by its nature, can go undetected for decades, and in many […] Read More

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Contesting Wills

Posted in Wills & Estates on Friday, Aug 19th, 2016

People draft wills in order to arrange for their property to be distributed after their passing.  While this seems like a simple matter, relatively speaking, it is not uncommon for wills to be disputed for various reasons during the probate process.  More often than not it is due to either disagreements within the family over […] Read More

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