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Social Security and Mental Illness

Applying for Social Security can be a challenging, drawn-out process. Many people think they have an idea of how Social Security works and the types of illnesses and disorders allow people to collect Social Security but could overlook certain challenges that come with obtaining this coverage. While some disabilities are readily apparent to most, such […] Read More

What Happens to Children Born After a Will is Executed?

The recommendation to create a will is a fairly common one. It is important to plan for the future and to ensure that family members and close friends are taken care of after one’s death. However, wills are only reflections of the circumstances in which they were created. Life doesn’t stop after a will is […] Read More

Who Can Execute a Will

Many people understand the importance of wills. Wills direct how a deceased person’s property shall be distributed after his or her death. Given the importance of having a will, many people plan to create wills during their lifetimes. However, not everyone consults with a probate attorney to create their will. They may attempt to make […] Read More

What is Undue Influence?

When a will is executed, especially if it is executed or changed as the testator, the person making the will to provide for his or her estate plans, gets older, his or her family members might be concerned about the possibility that the testator does not understand what he or she is including in the […] Read More