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Understanding a Lawsuit’s Phases

While lawsuits always present unique legal issues, the main framework of a lawsuit can be divided into three stages. First come the initial pleadings where the parties lay out their cases for the court and for the other side. Then, the two sides engage in discovery, where they learn more about what the other side […] Read More

Disinheriting a Spouse? The Elective Share Under Ohio Law

Historically, the law has been quite concerned with ensuring that people who survive the death of a spouse are well taken care of. Originally, the issue of supporting a widow or widower was solved through the twin legal doctrines of dower and curtesy. These two doctrines referred to the share that a surviving wife or […] Read More

A Glossary of Common Probate Law Terms

The legal system is full of archaic terms and complex jargon that have developed over hundreds of years. While lawyers have the benefit of going to school for years to become familiar with these terms, most people dealing with the probate system have not had the same luxury. Consequently, it can be confusing to be […] Read More

The Benefits of Hiring a Social Security Disability Attorney

Applying for Social Security Disability Insurance is a complex process, but many people choose to go it alone regardless. Others understand the benefits of having a more experienced hand help them with the process, but do not see the need to hire an attorney, preferring to use a non-attorney “advocate.” While the potential desire to […] Read More