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Passing Without a Will in Ohio

Drafting a will provides a variety of important benefits. It lets a person control how their property will be distributed. It can provide structure and clarity for people’s families during an emotionally difficult time. And, it can minimize probate disputes between relatives over how property ought to be handled after a person’s death. However, many […] Read More

Standing in Line: Understanding How Creditor Claims against an Estate Are Paid

Dividing up the assets of the recently deceased can be a complex process full of people with competing interests. Often, the person who has passed on will have written a will, but that will does not necessarily include everyone who has a claim to the property. For instance, people often leave creditors that they owe […] Read More

Understanding “Competency” under Ohio Law

One common dispute that arises in probate litigation is over whether a given person is mentally competent. Mental competence matters for purposes of appointing a guardian because a person must be adjudged incompetent before the court will appoint someone else to oversee their affairs. Competence also matters for purposes of making a will because someone […] Read More

Will Construction Actions in Ohio

The passing of a loved one can be a stressful time. There are people that need to be contacted, arrangements that need to be made, and legal issues that need tending to, such as carrying out a person’s will. While all of these issues are important, special care should be taken when probating a will, […] Read More